Sunday, April 14, 2013

New Facebook Wall Script for Free on our First Anniversary

After great success and awesome reviews of our Facebook Wall Script and our Blog, we have now decided a return gift for our viewers, for their Love and trust. A Giveaway, of Facebook Wall Script ! It is exciting, and i know you might not even read this now, you will probably just jump on to find the Link to download the Script. But its not a direct Giveaway, Share about the script, to get the script.
Facebook Wall Script for Free Download
We did worked hard to make this script worth your attention, and we were successful in our attempt. You all liked it, so its time to let more of our viewers have it.

Those who have already bought it, don't worry, you must be proud that because of your payments we are still going great and working to bring more scripts for you. Our Social Media Blog ( will be celebrating its first anniversary on 4th May, 2013 and till then our pioneer Facebook Wall Script is free.

Share this news around with all your programmer and Web developer friends by tweeting and Liking this. You will have to do it any way to get the script. Also, do subscribe, or you might miss when our new Facebook Wall script is arriving with some absolutely new features, based on the New Wall structure of Facebook (No clutter).

By the way, The next version of Facebook Wall Script, is coming very very soon.

To Download the Script Visit :

P.S. - A comment saying Thanks, will be appreciated.   :)


  1. thanks why not you trying single timeline like facebook mobile

  2. realy nice script, but never trust user inputs ;)

    $fullname = mysql_real_escape_string($_POST['fullname']);
    $email = mysql_real_escape_string($_POST['email']);
    $password = mysql_real_escape_string(md5($_POST['password']));

    for better security :)

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  4. first of all thanks!
    also how to redirect users to index.php if they are not logged in or if they visit profile.php or home.php without logging in? Please help me!

  5. This code is great, thanks!
    Also, here are some suggestions for the next version of this script:
    - Set a timer to avoid flood postings on the wall, like Twitter timeline.
    - A link to change the profile picture.
    - A button to delete the photos published.
    - Finally, a system to define a 'username'. A profile link is better than

    1. A few more suggestions:
      - The posts are accepting code in javascript and html (as < b >). Arrange it to avoid future chaotic bugs.
      - Even if not logged in, you can see the profiles for direct links.
      - Posts should have direct links.
      - A button to share posts would be a good idea.

  6. Hello,

    What is the licence term of use of your script ?

    Thank-you for your time,


  7. Hey, this is fantastic !! Great job. Let me make a little question: How to post the "plus sign (+)" in wall ??? I try, and nothing. I'm newbie in PHP and web stuffs. Thak you !!!

    1. What plus sign you are talking about ? Please explain.

  8. hola quiero quitar el graavatar y ponerlo como facebook que subes la foto tu mismo no que salga un graavatar alguien me puede ayudar yo compre este scripts porfavor

  9. When i use post a message, why is it that i have to first refresh the page to be able to comment on it?

  10. how to make profile.php?id=1 to profile.php?id=name
    plz help me!

  11. pretty good! , i luv it . but you better check the security..

    login can bypass with query ==> 'or''='
    and also unregistered guess can also update status by browsing the url.
    e.g localhost/fbwall/profile.php , localhost/fbwall/show_user.php

    hope u fix " login form & session.php " in da next version :) ..

  12. I am getting an error while giving the SQL code.
    '#1068 - Multiple primary key defined'.
    Please is there any fix.